Jump Frog Lures for Snakeheads

Jump frog lures for snakehead

If you’ve been fishing Snakeheads for a while then you’re sure to have at some point had someone tell you that “you’ve got to try a jump frog lure!”… Nope, not? Well then we’ll tell you anyway.

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A Jump Frog What?

Basically a jump frog is a topwater lure that’s usually made of a hand-carved hardwood body, a rubber skirt and a double frog hook. The jump frog’s hook is usually weighted to add to it’s castability and surface action. It may also be fitted with a weed-guard. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours but their main target is Snakeheads!

What’s the Fuss?

Surface lures are undeniably a Snakeheads choice lure, they’re effective and make for exciting fishing. Jump frog’s are the favorite lure used in Asia, largely because of the versatility they bring an angler.

Jump Frogs are Weedless

Snakeheads love trees, submerged bushes, grass, reeds and any other structure so you can’t cast any old surface lure for them. Exposed treble hooks mean headaches.

Jump frog’s are designed to fish upright on their retrieve so their hooks are kept away from snags. Sometimes added weed guards make it even more effective. Upright hooks also mean better hook-ups for when you do get a bite.

They’re Rugged and Durable


Rubber frogs and hollow bodied frogs no doubt work for Snakeheads BUT they don’t last. Often you’ll get bit by a Snake and all they’ll take is a leg because they often maim their prey before coming back for the rest. One bite to a hollow bodied frog and it’ll fill up with water!

A jump frog does 2 things: Hardwood bodies make it durable enough to hold up against a Snakeheads toothy mouth. The hook is set right at the back of the lure, so it’s the first thing that goes in a fish’s mouth, proud and ready to be set.

First thing in a Snakeheads mouth when a jump frog gets hit is the hook! Durable and sharp enough to penetrate their bony mouths too.

They’re easy to Use

Cast. Reel. Pause. Repeat! That’s it!

A jump frog’s dense and compact wooden body aids long casts and their shape means they do all the work for you on the water. No twitching or popping required. Just reel in at a medium speed and it will happily splash and bob along the surface attracting hungry fish.

Cast. Reel. Pause. Repeat! Jump frogs do all the work for you!

If you’re a serious Snakehead angler we highly recommend trying out a jump frog lure. Check them out in our online store. We source all of our lures from local anglers who make the lures by hand in Thailand and we ship worldwide.

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