Fishing the Whopper Plopper for Snakeheads

A versatile Snakehead lure to cover plenty of water and guarantee awesome blow-ups!

What is the Whopper Plopper?

Originally designed as a Musky lure, Snakehead anglers have found it to be one of the best snakehead lures available. Fishing the Whopper Plopper for Snakeheads is fun and effective!

Similar to a buzzbait as it has a propeller which churns up water when reeled in along the surface but different in its profile as it likens more to a Zara-Spook. The Whopper-Plopper can be fished at a variety of speeds and actions to trigger even the most shy fish. It floats too which means you can throw in a pause during your retrieve.

The Whopper Plopper comes in a variety of sizes but we recommend the 3 smaller variants (75mm, 90mm and 110mm) for Snakeheads, the other 2 appear mainly for Musky and (Monster) Bass, but who knows maybe there’s a hungry enough Snakehead that would take one.

How to fish the Whopper Plopper for Snakeheads

Check out how to fish the Whopper Plopper here, although this video is for bass it can easily be adapted for Snakeheads.

Fishing the Whopper Plopper is a relatively simple process, cast out (far) and reel in. Vary your speed on retrieve and throw in a pause or two along the way. If it’s bubbling and plopping along the way, fish are watching it! Keep your eyes on it as Snakeheads will often follow it in and cause a wake behind it and wait for a solid hit before setting the hook.

Because Snakeheads generally love cover, try and cast it along banks, over submerged grass and along reed banks. Every now and then pause the lure on or near thick structure to see if you’ll get an inquiry.

Ideal Setup for the Whopper Plopper

  • 6.5 – 7.5ft Medium Heavy / Heavy Action rod
  • 20-30lb Braid or 15lb Mono

Pros for the Whopper Plopper

  • Amazing versatility for lots of water coverage and can be fished in various different ways along the surface
  • Good variety of sizes and weights for all types of conditions and fish
  • Awesome range of colours, our favorite is the black “Loon” version
  • Solid construction that will stand up to toothy Snakeheads

Cons for the Whopper Plopper

  • Pricey, averages from $10 USD up to $25 USD on Amazon
  • Double treble hooks means this baby will get snagged up in cover
  • Something else to look out for is if grass gets caught up in the swivel, the whole lure will begin rotates on retrieval and can twist up your line
  • Not readily available in Asia (but several Chinese manufacturers are doing decent replicas at a fraction of the original price)

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