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Big Fish! Outdoors! Adventure! We’re passionate about taking you on an adventure of a lifetime and landing you the biggest fish you’ve ever caught.

Snakeheads have been caught in Thailand for centuries. Our lures will give you the edge when it comes to targeting some fat Snakeheads.

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The Tackle Store

Snakehead Fish require specialist lures. Where better to find them, than in Thailand where we are in contact with the local manufacturers.

Handmade lures and other specialist Snakehead lures that increase your chance of hooking into a monster are stocked by us and shipped all over the world!

Surface frogs, soft-baits, crank-baits and other specialist rigs designed to lure in a big Snakehead are kept in stock. Visit our store for some tough and unique lures!

Fishing Trips

Fishing in Thailand is spectacular and it’s an amazing country to travel. Indigenous fish like the Mekong Giant Catfish and Giant Snakehead are prized by anglers and we want to see you catch them!

Amazonian species like the Arapaima and Red-Tailed Catfish have been introduced to some lakes and you can catch them at a fraction of the price it would cost to go to the Amazon!

We want to see anglers break their PB’s and catch some monsters! Get in contact if you plan to visit Thailand and would like some advice or help planning a trip.