Handmade Snakehead Fishing Lures


Welcome to the Bangkok Angler! Snakehead fishing is our speciality! We target monster fish on lure, fly or anything they’ll eat as long as we’re near the water and outside!

Giant Snakeheads lurk Thai waters and they’re our primary target for their aggressive topwater strikes and ferocious fights!

You’ll find the strongest gear for Snakehead fishing, exciting fishing trips in Thailand and awesome adventures here!

Snakehead Gear!

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We’re based in Thailand! Snakeheads are everywhere and we’ve got the best lures to catch ’em! Check out the store!

Snakehead fishing: surface lure action, guaranteed!

Fishing Trips

Lure and Fly Fishing about an hour out of Bangkok

About an hours drive from central Bangkok there are some stocked lakes to target a variety of species on lure and fly! Giant Snakeheads, Barramundi, Dog-eating catfish, Pacu and more! Easy as a day trip! THB 4500.00 p/person.

Monster Thai and Exotic species fishing +/- 2 hours out of Bangkok

2 Hours out of Bangkok lies the Jurassic Park of fishing in Thailand! Monsters swim these waters and you can catch them! Arapaima, Snakehead, Mekong Giant Catfish, all of enormous sizes can be caught on lures or bait! Get in touch for prices.

Wild Snakehead Fishing

The ultimate challenge! Catch a Snakehead in its natural habitat, experience the outdoors and go on an adventure! Lakes are around 3-5 hours away from Bangkok and trips are custom designed according to the anglers goals and preferences!